Guarantee a Winning Season:

  • Invite Kona to the Ballpark for Every Game
  • Book Kona Ice for Tournaments
  • Treat Fans to the Most Amazing Shaved Ice
  • Liven-Up the Sidelines - even when you lose :(

and do all of the above while you...


That's right... a portion of every Kona sold goes back
to your team or league. If you're keeping score (and
        we will), that's a lotta loot you can rack up
           during the season to cover uniforms,
              equipment and fees. And all you have to
              do is play.

Kona brings the FUN wherever he goes and what better place than the ball park! FANS and PLAYERS, young and old, love Kona Ice. Our music puts the crowd in a sporting mood. Our FLAVORWAVE gets everyone into the game - of creating the craziest Kona that is! Kids have a ball serving themselves and there's no better treat after the whistle blows (win or lose) than a tall kool Kona shaved ice.

Hey Coach, attention team parents - Click FIND A KONA below to contact Kona Ice in your area today. Ask about how Kona will raise $$$ for your team or league without any effort on your part. It's a win-win-win, really! Book early or "game over". The words getting out.