Looking for a UNIQUE & FUN way to:

  • Reward Your Students & Staff
  • Break up the Everyday Routine
  • Celebrate and occasion
  • Liven-Up an Event
  • End a Testing Period

Show us where to park and who to make the check out to. It's that easy! We'll show up in our amazing Kona Experience Vehicle and serve your kids in no time flat. We'll hand each of them a cup of the finest shaved ice and let them visit the Flavorwave to make their own wild flavor creations. It doesn't get any better than that. Well, maybe it does... because after we do all the work and they have all the FUN, YOU receive a check for a portion of all the Kona sales that day. EVERYONE has fun and you earn money for your school with no effort at all. Schedule us for regular visits to fund a BIG school project. You'll reach your goal and your staff and students will love you for it.

Click FIND A KONA below to contact Kona Ice in your area today. Schedule early. Schedule often!