Our Story

One cold, cold day, not so very long ago a penguin egg slid off a glacier & into the ice cold waters of the Southern Sea. The egg bobbed in the water for hours until Solomon J. Beambright, the always-present, friendly face in the sky, instructed two porpoises to pick it up & guide it safely to the warmer waters that surround the Island of Goobajooba.

There, on the sands of Goobajooba, egg warmed in Solomon's comforting rays. The wise old keeper of the earth & sky kept watch over the egg until one day it popped open & a tiny gray bird waddled into the sun. Knowing that the bird would blossom into a sort of silly fellow, Solomon named the penguin Kona after a rock formation on the island that looked just like a laughing face.

Ever since that day, Kona has marched to the beat of his own steel drum. A happy-go-luck penguin, Kona is a strong-willed eternal optimist who just wants everyone to be happy...& he'll stand on his head to achieve that goal. Aside from his talent for making others laugh, Kona also has a great gift for making wonderful sweet treats. In fact, his slightly rounded belly is most certainly the result of his affinity for all things sweet. Being a cold-natured bird in the tropics, his specialty is creating amazing new flavor combinations of - shaved ice.

Kona's mentor, Solomon J. Beambright is a wise, old friend who is always there to help Kona through any circumstance. Just as he is for Kona,

Solomon is like a father to everyone on the island. He watches over Goobajooba & provides a warm sense of protection to all who listen & believe his advice.

Splish & Splash are the two porpoises that saved Kona from the icy waters of Antarctica. Full of fun & mischief, this twin brother & sister consider the whole island to be their playground. Even with their mischievous nature, they are very kind & compassionate. They are solomon's best friends & help the wise old fellow keep watch over the island & all its inhabitants.

Squawksworth is a rare macaw parrot with an eye for action & a beak for trouble. The lone author of the "coconut telegraph" on the island, the bird is curious to the point of being nosy. He knows that everyone is doing & he loves to talk about it! Luckily for him, his friends realize that most of Squawksworth's chatter is a byproduct of all his nervous energy. Squawksworthis an expert worrier. His mind is always moving a mile a minute calculating the risks his friends are about to take & formulating solutions long before anything ever happens.

Crabbington (Crabby for shot) is a veritable crusty crustacean. Of all the residents of Goobajooba, Crabbington boasts the lousiest attitude; always wearing a frown & voicing his "half empty" point of view. Crabby is an island native &, if you can ignore the grumpy delivery, he is capable of telling some of the best island stories around. In his heart, Crabbington loves his island home & even some of the friends who live there.