Nothing Livens up the Ho-hum Work Day
Better than a KONA ICE BREAK!

  • Reward a job well done
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Make a routine work break totally AWESOME
  • Take the edge off hot summer days
  • Invite Kona regularly for incentive
  • Call Kona Ice on the spur of the moment

Who says Kona Ice is just for kids? Just for fairs, festivals and fun in the sun? Heck no, Kona has been going to work since day one. We LOVE to visit folks on the job, where those who need a break, get one that's not only relaxing but

refreshingly delicious. We'll pull right up to your office or plant and turn on our tropical tunes, sure to whisk your staff away to the islands. Then we'll pass out cups of the most incredibly fine shaved ice on the planet. It's off to the FLAVORWAVE they go to make and compare their Kona creations. It brings out the kid in everybody. Squaksworth's says research shows a Kona Ice break increases productivity for the rest of the day. "It does! It does!" he says.

So unleash the kid in you at work and give Kona Ice a call any day, anytime. Book us on a regular basis. Your company will love you for it.

Click FIND A KONA below to contact Kona Ice in your area today. Schedule early. Schedule often! Word travels... we book up!